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Four Sizes Designed to Support Algae Scrubbers from Turbo’s Aquatics and Clear Water Scrubbers

CWT 50 with Clear Water Scrubber

A Unique Solution

The CWT sumps are the first sumps specifically designed to accept an algae scrubber, filter roller and DC return pump without complicated plumbing or unsightly tubing!

The intake or drain chamber accepts standard 4″ filter socks but is also specifically formatted to work with the Klir Fleece Filter Roller for maximum mechanical filtration and pristine water clarity.

All models feature a probe holder with 4 ports, JG fittings for dosing lines located in the return pump chamber, the adjustable water level in the center chamber, black colored lids to prevent salt creep and bulkheads for both the drain and return pump connections.

  • Algae Scrubber Rail System

    Holds your scrubber above the water line while saving room for a skimmer or other equipment.

  • Adjustable Water Depth

    Control the depth in the center chamber with and adjustable weir using our reversible fence with the smooth or toothed side.

  • Easy Plumbing

    Includes intake and return bulkheads and John Guest fittings for dosing or top off lines.  Return is designed for direct plumbing for EcoTech Marine Vectra S2.

  • Made in the USA

    1/4″ cell cast acrylic with a black top and interior baffles.  Manufactured in the USA using high quality components!

Auto Top Off Reservoirs

Black top, bottom and sides with a crystal clear front panel that includes etched volume level indicators.

Includes a hinged lid to reduce evaporation and a cable grommet to keep hoses and wires tidy.

A perfect match for our line of algae scrubber sumps!

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